Aronson SpringReef LLC is an investor advocate,
providing independent, unbiased guidance to
high net worth families and nonprofit organizations
on essential aspects of wealth management. We offer:

  • Comprehensive financial advisor evaluations, including reviews of performance and fees
  • Searches for best-in-class financial advisors and wealth management firms
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of financial advisor relationships
  • Client-specific wealth management consulting

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How does Aronson SpringReef evaluate financial advisors
and wealth management firms?

Click here for a look at our comprehensive 20-point due diligence process,
designed to identify the wealth management industry’s most qualified professionals.
Inside, you’ll also find a guide to the potential advantages and limitations of the
(3) primary advisory models serving high net worth clients.

SpringReef Insights

Our thoughts on important wealth management issues and events affecting today's investors.

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How We're Different

Our services are independent, unbiased and value-added.

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